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You, as the owner of farms, fields or beautiful gardens, can rent them out as pitches to travellers with a camper van, caravan or tent to spend the night. Away from densely packed campsites and gray, barren sites on the outskirts of town, our guests have the opportunity to have authentic experiences in the countryside among animals, tractors and fields.


Simply register, log in as a host and create the pitch.

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You will receive an email with all the information when you book your pitch.

Earn money

Sit back and relax - at the end of each month you will receive a collective refund of all income.

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The You and a View team welcomes all people who are thinking about renting up to three pitches on your yard, property or grounds to great campers. Certainly, many questions come up. In order to provide you with the best possible advice, we provide you with the most important information here. This way, you can have a well-informed discussion with your family and everyone involved about becoming part of the You and a View community.

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Can a parking space be offered and rented out on the property?

There is a reason that hosts of You and a View can only rent out a maximum of three pitches on the property. This is because they do not fall under the transnational definition of camping and tent sites. Means for the hosts that they are not “structural installations” for which a permit from the competent authority is required. Of course, it is important that the offered pitches are not located in nature reserves, landscape protection areas, FFH zones, biospheres, etc.

Why should you advertise and add a listing?

The best reasons to advertise pitches through You and a View!

1. additional source of income from parking space rental

2. increase in direct marketing

3. renting with little own effort

4. advertise pitches for free

5. flexibility in the rental of the pitch

6. quality management of the advertisements

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goat on a meadow

Unsure about pricing?

From 25€

Pitch freely selectable, completely in a secluded location with many additional offers (also free of charge), e.g. bicycle rental, firewood.

From 15€

Pitch in a beautiful location with some basic additional services (e.g. toilet, electricity, shower).

From 10€

Simple pitch without additional services (such as electricity, shower, toilet).

Our hosts

We like to have guests around. Campers are completely relaxed, free visitors who often seek a balance to their conventional everyday life with us. We have already made many personal friends through it.
bauernhof innenhof
Johannes Nyenhuis
Ferienhof Nyenhuis
We would like to offer the opportunity to look behind the facades. Does anyone actually know a farmer? People can watch us create a high-quality food product. Why shouldn't I show this?
haus im artländischen stil
Björn Scherhorn
Biohof Scherhorn
If you like peace and quiet and also want to have fun, you've come to the right place. I think it's nice to be able to holiday locally. The platform is building up great and we are looking forward to welcoming more campers.
weg zum innenhof
Frau Roehsmann
Hof Roehsmann

Our App

Host profile

All bookings can be viewed in the host profile. Pitch settings and adjustments can also be made via the app.

Direct booking

Booking is possible directly within the app. Fast, flexible and uncomplicated, your pitches can be booked directly.

Chat function

Practical: If you have any questions for the guests, you can clarify them conveniently from the app using the chat function.

Map and filter options

Our convenient map is also included on the app - so it's easy to find your pitch. Filter options such as vehicle type and 'near me' are available.

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What do you need,
to start?


You need at least one parking space, which is located on your property.


Pitches should be a little secluded and in the countryside with a view of the greenery.


The entrance and driveway should be about 4 metres high and 3 metres wide.


The soil should be good ground to drive on (lawn, meadow, sandy path, gravel), but if possible no loose soil or mud.

Additional services

You don’t have to offer toilets, electricity, water or showers – you can do without!


You should have a desire for guests, fun in nice conversations and interested visitors.


Frequently asked questions and answers

You and a View is an intermediary platform for campers who want to camp away from the mass of green and natural, individual pitches. And for those who want to host. Anyone who owns a rural field, a farm or a nice big garden with a view of the horizon can join in and become a host.

Your advertisement on our website is 100% free of charge!If your pitch is successfully placed, you keep 87.5% of the revenue. 12.5% is reserved by You and a View to cover marketing, software, systems and communication costs.

We stand for authentic, sustainable and nature-loving accommodation in the great outdoors. Our guests do not expect a usual campsite from you! You have an unused space in the yard and you don’t know what could be there? Perfect for a pitch on You and a View, whether grass, concrete or dirt track.

If the guest books your pitch on our website, the booking is immediately confirmed and booked.

If you do not want a booking to be confirmed directly without your consent, “Booking on request” can be set. Here you will receive an email with the guest’s booking details (arrival information, name, etc.), then you can decide whether to accept or decline the booking.

Guest and host are liable in case of damage with their personal liability insurance. You and a View accepts no liability for any arrangements between you and the guests. The legal and factual requirements of the published pitches must be checked by you in each individual case. The activity of You and a View is limited exclusively to the publication of the data and the marketing through the pitch placement platform. You and a View is not liable for damages or other claims arising from the relationship between host and guest.

Only as much effort as you want. You can simply offer the pitch without extras and theoretically not even have to be on site, or you can offer various extras such as electricity, water, shower and leisure activities and charge for the extra effort.

Register now

How to become a host on You and a View in 3 very simple steps:

1. Register: In order to offer your own pitch, you must first register on You and a View. To do so, please click on “Register” and fill in the corresponding data. You will then receive an email from us asking you to confirm your email address. 

2. Become a host: Now you are registered on our website. In the next step, click on “Become a host”. Please fill in all required data here as well. You will then receive an e-mail from us confirming this.

3. Create a pitch: Now you are just one last step away from your own listing on You and a View. After you have become a host, please now click on “Add private pitch” and agree to the privacy policy and terms and conditions. Then simply fill out the questionnaire (details can also be submitted later!) and click on save. After saving   you recive a preview  of your spot. Here you have the possibility to make further changes or to add your spot.

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