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We want to revolutionise the camping industry by enabling camping in nature and improving the relationship between agriculture and camping.

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All relevant info about mission, vision and our development.

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Süddeutsche Zeitung

Alternative campsites: Airbnb for campers. The number of motorhomes is increasing rapidly, but there are far too few campsites in Germany. More and more providers are arranging pitches with farmers and private individuals - combined with a special promise.

FOCUS Online

What alternatives to campsites are there? - These app recommendations help with the search. Camping promises relaxation and a change from the hectic and planned daily routine. You get out of the city, breathe fresh air and enjoy the peace and quiet of the countryside.

CamperVans Magazine

Alternative pitch platform - With Stadt Land Bus Camping, Marco Guido wants to strengthen the relationship between agriculture and tourism.
There are currently over 80 pitches listed in the portfolio - and the trend is rising.

Land & Forst

Camping pleasure on the farm You have space on your farm? Why not make it available to campers? We asked the new online platform "Stadt Land Bus Camping", whose founder Marco Guido comes from Lower Saxony.

GEO Magazine

Attention, claustrophobia! Due to the camper boom and Covid-19, many pitches for campers and vans are currently overcrowded. Jens and Philipp from Ahoi Bulli-Vermietung tell WALDEN in a video interview how and where you can find adventurous alternatives for your van tours this year.

Funky Germany

Fancy by far the best holiday for the coming months? Not in the mood to spend the summer within your own four walls? Then let's get out into the fresh air! funkyGERMANY introduces a new online platform for alternative camping holidays with private hosts: Stadt Land Bus Camping.

Our pictures

Our focus is on farms in the countryside.
Regardless of whether farmers, holiday farms or
Direct marketers – with these near-natural
pitches, we are in a position to offer our guests the following
to bring rural life closer.

"We want to revolutionise the camping sector, by enabling camping in nature and strengthening the relationship between agriculture and improve camping."

You and a View

At You and a View, there are countless stunning and unique places to stay on great farms. No two farms and no two pitches are the same and offer you the opportunity to travel completely individually.


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founder marco guido

“My biggest motivator is my passion for alternative tourism. And I want to support and promote my home, the regions in Lower Saxony, with my idea. Since my childhood, travelling with a compact camper van has stood for relaxation and freedom. And you can find both here on our doorstep”.



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We have been enthusiastic campers from an early age and love authentic and natural camping in the countryside.

We would like to offer everyone the chance to make their dream of micro campsite possible. The You and a View team is made up of a wide variety of people, but our joy in this work unites us. Our team is not only made up of the people you see here! Every host, every hostess and every guest becomes part of our You and a View team.

Whether it's itineraries, tips and tricks or special regions - on our blog you'll find lots of useful articles about camping.
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Games and a View

Camping games are a must for every camping trip. We show you the best games for good and bad weather for the camping trip.

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You and the Münsterland

We present our itinerary around Münster. Perfectly matched for a weekend trip. Have fun on your next trip!

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You and the camping season Start

We have collected tips for you on how you can start the new camping season without stress.

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You and the Hosts

Here we answer the most frequently asked questions of the hosts. Become a host now!

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