Who are we?

We have been enthusiastic campers from an early age and love authentic and natural camping in the countryside.

You and a View is a C2C platform that enables the growing number of nature enthusiasts, camping tourists and travellers to digitally book a pitch in the countryside, far away from mass tourism, easily and quickly in advance. Guests can view pitches from a digital, modernly designed catalogue and book them directly.

The small number of pitches, the green surroundings and the contact with the hosts guarantee an authentic holiday experience far away from the crowded campsites. Pitches of this kind finally make free, individual and authentic travelling with a motorhome possible in Germany and Europe.

founder marco guido

Sometimes you just have to do it – that’s what Marco Guido thought in April 2020, when he started working on his business idea. He has been closely associated with the camping lifestyle since childhood. But he lacked opportunities to camp even closer to nature and greener, away from permanent campers and overcrowded campsites. So he decided to take the reins himself and founded Stadt Land Bus Camping. Today he is the managing director and man for everything. He maintains personal contact with his hosts, takes care of quality management, website and service optimisations and expands his network of contacts to tourism and agricultural associations. His dream is that now You and a View will enable special experiences in the countryside, minimising the distance between city and country life.



Always moving forward – according to this motto, Jesse brought new ideas to our young team right from the start and is now responsible for the operational processes in our team. Her first camping experience was at festivals, where she discovered her passion for live music and outdoor activities. The biggest tour so far took her and her dog Easy through Sweden and Norway for a fortnight, always free-standing and away from the hustle and bustle. Through this experience, the desire grew to be able to discover Germany in exactly the same way by camper van – simply in the middle of nature. We also want to have her with us on our pitches, because with her we never run out of music. All she needs for camping is a good playlist, a hammock and her dog. A grill for the cheese sausages makes it perfect.




You and a View is constantly evolving. Sometimes you need a moment to take a deep breath. That’s what Easy is for! Easy is a Nederlandse Kooikerhondje and provides the balance in the team. For the Quakenbrückers, he is available for a round in the fresh air, for a little ball game or a trick session. Otherwise, he likes to push himself into the foreground at the video meetings and thus provides a laugh or two. Easy is also already experienced in camping. He likes to drive around with his mistress, enjoys the nature outside and the cuddles in the camper. His favourite toy Littlefoot, his food and his humans cannot be missing on his camping trip.



Whats special about You and a View?

Only together can we achieve our goals. The following is important to us for our cooperation:

We trust each other and treat each other with respect. Openness, reliability, directness, honesty and respect are not foreign words for us.

We are determined, creative, sustainable and come from the countryside.

Our small team, flat hierarchies and family atmosphere make us something very special.


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You and a View is getting bigger and bigger and that’s exactly why Pia is now part of it. As a working student in the marketing department, she has been actively supporting our young, dynamic team since June. Whether through Sweden, Norway and Finland or along the coast in Portugal, Pia always enjoys travelling. Preferably somewhere wild and free in nature. That’s why she’s with us now, to make this dream of camping away from the crowded campsites come true in Germany too. When she’s not in contact with you or on social media, Pia drives to our pitches & farmers.



As a working student, Marcel does the PR and video editing. He grew up in the countryside. Not far from Hanover, he has found out for himself that the city is not for him. Apart from camping as a child and climbing holidays in Belgium and Saxon Switzerland, he has not had much contact with camping. Through his business studies in the Harz Mountains, he came even closer to nature and was able to discover two new passions for himself: hiking and photographing landscapes. When camping, he can’t do without: The right music and the right people, as well as admiring and photographing the sunrise and sunset.


PR and videos

Svenja grew up not far from Hanover out of town. She is currently studying tourism management in the beautiful Harz Mountains in Wernigerode and has discovered hiking for herself. Yet she appreciates nature and its beauty all the more!
Apart from camping trips as a child, Svenja had her first real camping experience in Australia during her work and travel stay. Far away, in the middle of nature and without reception – it was a very different but great experience!
Svenja has been a member of the Stadt Land Bus Camping team since September and started as an intern in the social media area and acquisition. She is now responsible for the nature campsites and manages and organises everything in this area.


Natur Campsites

We have been enthusiastic campers from an early age and love authentic and natural camping in the countryside.

We would like to offer everyone the chance to make their dream of micro campsite possible. The You and a View team consists of a wide variety of people, but our joy in this work unites us. Our team is not only made up of the people you see here! Every host, hostess and guest becomes part of our You and a View family.

Yannic supports You and a View with the IT. He takes over tasks for the optimisation and further development of the platform, app and other IT tools. Travelling plays a big role for him, whether it’s trips in Europe or backpacking in Asia, South America or Australia. The most important thing about a camping trip is that the surroundings offer opportunities for an active holiday. He is currently doing his Master’s degree in Information Systems in Lisbon. A passion for travel and an understanding of technical and economic aspects enables him to maintain an overview of technical processes and developments without losing sight of the bigger picture.

Yannic Bertram

IT Management

Jana grew up in Heppenheim, a small town near Darmstadt. In Heppenheim, as part of the wine-growing region “Hessische Bergstraße”, she has always had the vineyards right on her doorstep and long walks in nature have always been a welcome balance to everyday life for Jana. At the beginning of this year, she completed her bachelor’s degree in economics in Frankfurt. Apart from a few short camping trips, Jana had her first real camping experience last year in Costa Rica. On the road with hammock and sleeping bag, she explored the country and camped on beaches and in national parks. Gaining camping experience away from crowded campsites was an absolute highlight for her. What you should never be without when camping: friends, good weather and music!

Jana Folk


"In our young team, it is especially important to me that everyone enjoys their work and can pursue their vision and goals. It doesn't matter where you work from, but with what motivation. "
gründer marco guido
Marco Guido
Founder and Managing Director
Wilma is our globetrotter. Born on a farm in Zimbabwe, raised in a small pig-farming village in Austria and among the vineyards of the beautiful Palatinate. As a trained tourism businesswoman and business economist for the hotel and catering industry, she has turned her passion for travel into her profession. She loves nature more than anything and always likes to be where it is green and quiet. The first time she went camping was when she was only a few months old. Actually, all family holidays were camping holidays with the tent. She has already gained camping experience in South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Chile, USA, England, France and Germany. What she always looks forward to most when camping is getting up early with the sun. Sitting comfortably in a camping chair, enjoying the first tea of the day, feeling the warmth of the sun’s rays on your skin and breathing in the fresh air of the new day.


Head of Sales

Robin comes from a small town in Lower Saxony. He is currently studying tourism management at the University of Applied Sciences in Bremen.
He has already had some great camping experiences and has camped in Denmark, the Netherlands and Germany. For him, nature, walks in the forest or by the lake are part of camping.
What can’t be missed when camping:
– Spirit of adventure
– Friends
– Good food
– Music



Sabrina grew up in a small town in Lower Bavaria. At the moment she is studying Ibero-Romance studies and economics in Augsburg. To compensate for life in the city, she likes to spend time in nature, preferably in the forest or near water. Even as a child, Sabrina was often on holiday at campsites, for example in Croatia or at Lake Constance. In the meantime, however, she appreciates secluded places in nature much more. The highlights were definitely overnight stays outdoors, whether on a mountain in the Chiemsee Alps or in caves with a sea view on Tenerife. What she can’t miss when camping: special people, music and freedom.


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